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ANSYS is a general purpose software, used to simulate interactions of all disciplines of physics, structural, vibration, fluid dynamics, heat transfer and electromagnetic for engineers, which enables to simulate tests or working conditions, enables to test in virtual environment before manufacturing prototypes of products
1. Introduction  11. Obtaining Solutions using with Multiple Solve Methods
2. Building the Models 12. Terminating Running Job
3. Defining Analysis Title & Job Name 13. Postprocessing- Types of Data Available 
4. Defining Elements Real constants 14. Reading Results Data into Database 
5. Defining Material Properties  15. Element Table 
6. Creating Model Geometry 16. Resetting the Database 
7. Load Application & Obtaining Solutions 17. Reviewing Results in POST1.
8. Defining Analysis Type & Options  18. Results Listing in Tabular Form
9. Specifying Load step Options 19. Estimating Solution Error
10. Selecting Solver & Type