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How to become our Business Partner

  • Prospective Business partner should have 250-300 square feet place that may be owned/rented / or on lease at a prominent location with paper proof.
  • The place should be on the ground floor that should have a proper place for branding & toilet provision.
  • The minimum investment per centre can go up to 2.5-5 Lakhs INR.
  • Provisioning of necessary investments.
  • Providing Premises with fully equipped training facilities.
  • Providing recommended Infrastructure (Hardware & Software).
  • Procuring all statutory approvals from the relevant authorities in the Govt.
  • Executing business plan and strategies as approved by CAD DESK.
  • Setting up highly talented local team for execution of business plan.
  • Achieving business goals, revenue targets and gross margins as directed by CAD DESK.
  • Operating and running Centre Of Excellence.

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