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Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply through the web at or call at +91707355921. Our executive shall contact to answer your queries. On confirmation, our executives shall visit the location and an agreement is signed up on satisfactory completion of norms.
The investment range varies from 5 lacs to 10Lacs depending upon the city and infrastructure. Please refer the ROI page for a fair idea of investment.
Off course, any person with a general managerial skills and zeal to run a business can open the CAD DESK.
Off course, any person with a general managerial skills and zeal to run a business can open the CAD DESK.
2 months are given to make centre operational from the date of booking. For delayed case, it needs to be decided initially.
The profit and ROI depend on the city, Business volume & working attitude, however, a return of 30-50% can be expected in the first year and 50-70% in subsequent years. We have many examples of centre making profits of 10-30 Lacs profits every year. Kindly refer ROI section for details.
Books are given on very nominal cost varying from Rs. 150/- to 350/- for generalised courses. An electronic version of books costing 150/- to 200/- is also available.
No, the franchise fee is payable once, however, a very nominal amount needs to be paid every year as renewal fees. (Kindly refer Finance section)
By 20th of every month.
Yes, this is an important facility by CAD DESK. We arrange technical/ Commercial presenter for seminars and presentations in colleges. *
We have set the criteria of one franchise up to 10 Lac population and more for every additional 5 Lacs population? Two franchise should have a minimum of 4 Km distance by road.
Promotional material is provided periodically to promote CAD DESK. Other activities can be shared on case to case basis.
CAD DESK provide excellent support through monthly scheduled online training for staff members. For other trainings, we have on-demand training facility apart from cyclic offline trainings at different provinces of India.
Space requirement varies from 700 sqft to 1500 sqft. Based on city type.
CAD DESK has unique platform, where a big database of job aspirant is available. For recruitment assistance we have a separate team, assisting you in getting a right person.
CAD DESK has on single point communication system. Every centre is allocated a front manager, a back-office coordinator and a zonal manager. You need to contact front support manager/back office manager for any kind of support/ assistance.
Yes, 2 or more people can sign it, keeping a person in leading role.
Course fees can be shared on request. However, you are allowed to register students at discounted fees.
Separate policy is for college training and you are allowed to register the student at much-relaxed fees structure.
We have a separate career and placement department, which publishes hundreds of job vacancies in relevant field from every part of the county. These vacancies can be seen by students and franchise through a specifically allotted online panel and mobile app.
Students are provided with a unique online portal / Android application through which they can access their course details, online tutorial, e-books, placements and many more. Apart from this, the student is given a student folder comprising folder, notebooks, pen etc.
Students receive the certificate on the portal and genuine of the certificate can be verified by QR on certificate or by entering the registration & mobile no. of website.
CAD DESK has tie up with major software companies and offer the software at a very lucrative price. The software bundles can be purchased as per the requirement.
No, we don’t have any such concept. You can go for multiple centres.
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