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Java is an object-oriented programming language which is generally designed either to be compiled to native (machine) code or to be interpreted from source code at runtime, Java is intended to be compiled to a bytecode, which is then run (generally using JIT) compilation) by a Java Virtual Machine.  It is used to develop Console Application, Desktop Applications, and Web Applications. This Java course has been designed to understand the best use of Advance Java in the IT Sector.

Topics include

Working with Servlets
  • Exploring the Features of Java Servlet
  • Exploring New Features in Servlet 3.0
  • Exploring the Servlet API
  • Explaining the Servlet Life Cycle
  • Understanding Servlet Configuration
  • Creating a Sample Servlet
  • Creating a Servlet by using Annotation
  • Working with ServletConfig and ServletContext Objects
  • Working with the HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse Interfaces
  • Exploring Request Delegation and Request Scope
  • Describing a Session
  • Introducing Session Tracking
  • Exploring the Session Tracking Mechanisms
  • Using the Java Servlet API for Session Tracking
Introducing Event Handling and Filters
  • Introducing Events
  • Introducing Event Handling
  • Working with the Types of Servlet Events
  • Introducing Filters
  • Exploring Filter API
  • Configuring a Filter
  • Creating a Web Application Using Filters
  • Using Initializing Parameter in Filters
  • Manipulating Responses
  • Discussing Issues in Using Threads with Filters
Java Server Pages (JSP)
  • Introducing JSP Technology
  • Exploring New Features of JSP 2.1
  • Listing Advantages of JSP over Java Servlet
  • Exploring the Architecture of a JSP Page
  • Describing the Life Cycle of a JSP Page
  • Working with JSP Basic Tags and Implicit Objects
  • Working with Action Tags in JSP
  • Exploring the JSP Unified EL
  • Using Functions with EL
JSP Tag Extensions and Standard Tag Library
    • Exploring the Elements of Tag Extensions
    • Exploring the Tag Extension API
    • Working with Classic Tag Handlers
    • Working with Simple Tag Handlers
    • Working with JSP Fragments
    • Working with Tag Files
    • Introducing JSTL
    • Working with the Core Tag Library
Duration: 30 days

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