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About Course

AutoCAD MAP 3D is one of the best toolsets that integrate GIS topology and AutoCAD to use and maintain CAD and GIS data for planning, design, and data management. CAD DESK is one of the leading CAD/CAM training centers in India. CAD DESK offers the best online courses in the field of CADD courses including AutoCAD Map 3D; which is designed in such a way that it will meet the Industrial objective domains and follow the typical workflow.

With the help of the AutoCAD MAP 3D, we can create, maintain, and communicate mapping and GIS information within the AutoCAD drawing environment. With CAD DESK, students get to learn the best online and quality trainings in India which helps them to work on various projects and Internships.

Furthermore, CAD DESK offers students to have lifetime access to recorded video tutorials and free login access to their student dashboard. Along with that, students also get the offline practice facility to any of our CAD centers, even after course completion. CAD DESK certificate provides an excellent way to distinguish oneself from others and escalate the students’ careers.

Topics Include

  • Introducing AutoCAD Map 3D
  • Drawing Cleanup
  • Attribute Data
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Importing GIS Data
  • Exporting GIS Data
  • Source Drawings
  • Queries
  • Raster Images
  • Object Classification
  • Annotation
  • COGO
  • Survey
  • Topologies
  • Connecting to Feature Sources
  • Working with Feature Sources
  • Feature Styles
  • Creating and Editing Features
  • Split and Merge Features
  • Point Clouds
  • Sharing Maps with Others
Duration: 28 days

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CAD DESK is a pioneer in CAD/CAM/CAE training and most of the industries give great recognition to its certificate throughout India and abroad. CAD DESK Certificates are ISO verified which makes it highly reputed comparing to the other local brands and helps the student get prioritize while going for job opportunities in the industry. CAD DESK Online Software Training is conducted by highly knowledgeable trainers which helps students to enhance their skill set by putting great emphasizes on project-based learning. After the successful completion of the course, students can get their certificates by logging into their dashboard, which makes the certificates completely secure and authorized.


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