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Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. It is widely used for web development, system scripting, and software development. Python supports easy syntax which helps the developers to write the program in very few lines. CAD DESK offers the best online training course with comprehensive knowledge about Python along with the working of strings, functions, data types, and variables, etc. in Python.

Python follows the interpreter system which enables it to execute the code as soon as it is written, which ultimately provides quick prototyping. Python is compatible with majorly all platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac, etc. It has a variety of built-in functions available which helps in creating the codes for the program very easily. CAD DESK delivers quality training to its students and promotes student Internships.

Along with that, CAD DESK students are provided free access to recorded video tutorials and login access to their student dashboard. If students want to go for revision or practice classes, then they can visit any of our CAD centers in India, even after the course completion. CAD DESK certificate gives a hike to student career and helps them to grab the best job opportunity.

Topics include

  • Introduction to Python Programming
    • Features of Python
    • Installation of Python
    • Identifiers and Reserved Keywords
    • Comments and Multiline Statements
    • Operators
  • Data Types and Operators
    • Numbers and Strings
    • List
    • Tuples & Set
    • Dictionary
    • Data Type Conversion
  • Flow Controls
    • Decision Making
    • Loops
    • Nested Loops
    • Control Statements
    • Nested Dictionaries
  • Functions
    • Function Definition
    • Function Calling
    • Recursive Functions
    • Function with more than return values
  • Modules and Packages
    • Built-in Modules
    • Creating Modules
    • Import Statements
    • Namespaces and Scopes
    • Date Time Modules
  • File Handling
    • Read and Write
    • Open and Close
    • File Methods
    • Rename and Delete Files
    • Directories in Python
  • Object-Oriented Programming
    • Working with Class and Objects
    • Built-in Attributes Methods
    • Destructors in Python
    • Encapsulation
    • Data Hiding
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    • Method Overriding
  • Exception Handling
    • Built-in Exceptions
    • Handling Exceptions
    • Exception with Arguments
    • User-defined Exceptions
    • Assertions in Python
  • Regular Expressions
    • Match () and Search () functions
    • Regular Expression Patterns
    • Special Character Classes
    • Repetition Cases
  • Database Programming
    • Connection to Database
    • Creating Tables
    • Working on insert, update, delete and read operations
    • Exception Handling in Databases
  • GUI Programming
    • Tkinter Widgets (Form Controls)
    • Layout Managers
  • Threading
    • Threads in Python
    • Thread Objects
    • Lock Objects
    • Event and Timer Objects
  • CGI Programming
    • CGI Programs
    • HTTP Headers and Environment Variables
    • Forms (GET and POST)
    • Cookies
    • File Uploading
  • Socket Programming
    • Introduction to Socket Module
    • Socket Methods
    • Connecting to a Server
    • Creating Server and Making Client
  • Project
Duration: 30 days

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