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C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup as an extension to C, with a vision of providing high-level features and increasing the efficiency of program organization. C++ is an (OOP) Object-Oriented Programming language which is the world's most popular programming language used for developing applications, and operating systems, etc. CAD DESK being the leading brand in India provides the best quality online training course which gives a comprehensive overview of the C++ language along with the usage of OOPS concepts, classes, and objects, etc.

Being an intermediate-level language, C++ includes features of both high-level and low-level languages. C++ programming has a variety of library support available and is simple to use. C++ programs are faster in execution. CAD DESK gives a boost to students’ careers and encourages them to do Internships and provides project training are provided on the latest version of C++.

Furthermore, CAD DESK offers students to have free lifetime access to recorded video tutorials and login access to their student dashboard. Along with that students also get the offline revision classes or practice coaching sessions to any of our franchise centers, even after course completion. CAD DESK certificates are highly recognized in the industry and it gives rise to multiple job prospects and technologies for the students.

Topics include

  • Object-Oriented Programming
    • Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming
    • Benefits of OOP
    • What is C++
    • Structure of C++ Program
    • Creating the Source File
    • Compiling and Linking
  • Variables & Data Types
    • Keywords & Identifiers
    • Data Types
    • Type Compatibility
    • Variable Declaration
    • Dynamic Initialization of Variables
  • Classes & Objects
    • Specifying a Class
    • Defining Member Functions
    • Making an Outside Function Inline
    • Nesting of Member Functions
    • Private Member Functions
    • Arrays within a Class
    • Memory Allocation for Objects
    • Static Data Members
    • Arrays of Objects
  • Operators & Expressions
    • Operators in C++
    • Scope Resolution Operator
    • Member Dereferencing Operators
    • Memory Management Operators
    • Manipulators
    • Type Cast Operator
    • Expressions and Types of Expressions
    • Special Assignment Expressions
    • Implicit Conversions
    • Operator Overloading
    • Operator Precedence
    • Control Structures
  • Functions
    • Functions in C++
    • Function Prototyping
    • Call by Reference
    • Return by Reference
    • Inline Functions
    • Default Arguments
    • Recursion
    • Function Overloading
    • Friend and Virtual Functions
  • Constructors & Destructors
    •  Constructors
    • Parameterized Constructors
    • Multiple Constructors in a Class
    • Constructors with Default Arguments
    • Dynamic Initialization of Objects
    • Copy Constructor
    • Dynamic Constructors
    • Destructors
    • Inheritance
    • Defining Derived Classes
    • Single Inheritance
    • Types of Inheritance
    • Virtual Base Classes
    • Abstract Classes
    • Constructors in Derived Classes
    • Member Classes
  • Operator Overloading
    • Defining Operator Overloading
    • Overloading Unary Operators
    • Overloading Binary Operators
    • Overloading Binary Operators
    • Manipulation of Strings
    • using Operators
    • Rules of Operator Overloading
    • Type Conversion
  • Exception Handling
    • Basics of Exception Handling
    • Exception Handling Mechanism
    • Throwing Mechanism
    • Caching Mechanism
Duration: 30days

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