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Java is an object-oriented programming language that is generally designed either to be compiled to native (machine) code or to be interpreted from source code at runtime. Java is intended to be compiled to a bytecode, which is then run (generally using JIT compilation) by a Java Virtual Machine. CAD DESK has the best online training course which is designed in such a way that it provides a proper understanding of Java Programming along with different features like file handling, string handling, and threading, etc.

Java is platform-independent and is used to develop Console Application, Desktop Applications, and Web Applications. Java also supports multithreading which helps it to perform multiple tasks at the same time. CAD DESK promotes the students to do Internships and learn from doing live projects during the training course.

Further, the CAD DESK offers students to have free lifetime access to recorded video tutorials and login access to their student dashboard. Also, students get the revision coaching facility to any of our CAD DESK centers in India, even after course completion. CAD DESK certificate is industry-recognized and lets you find the best job opportunities in the field of programming.

Topics include

  • Introduction to Java Programming
    • Why Java?
    • Features of Java
    • JVM
    • Java Program Structure
    • Creating Java Application
  • Java Fundamentals
    • Java Program Flow
    • Java Byte Code
    • Data Types and Variables
    • Naming Convention
    • Operators
  • Control Structures
    • Types of Control Structures
    • Decision Control Structure (if, if-else, if-else if, switch –case)
    • Repetition Control Structure (do-while, while, for)
    • Branching Statements (break, continue, return)
  • Object-Oriented Programming
    • Classes & Objects
    • Functions & Constructors
    • Inheritance
    • Method Overriding
    • Final Class & Method Overriding
    • Abstract Classes & Methods
  • Packages and Interface
    • Predefined Packages or Java API Packages
    • User-defined Packages
    • Interfaces
  • Exception Handling
    • Types of Exception Handling
    • Common Exceptions
    • Catching and Handling Exceptions (try, catch, throw block)
    • Java Built-in Exceptions
  • Threading
    • Overview of Multithreading
    • Thread class
    • Life Cycle of a Thread
  • File Handling
    • Java I.O Package
    • Streams
    • Type of Stream
    • Character streams
  • String Handling
    • Use of Strings
    • String Constructors and Operations
    • String Comparison and Searching Comparison
    • Changing the case of characters
    • Data Conversion using Value of ()
  • Applet & Graphic Programming
    • Types of Applet
    • Advantages of Java Applet
    • Applet Programs
    • Life Cycle of Applet
    • Applet’s Methods
    • Graphics Coordinate System
    • Java Color System
    • Drawing and Filling
  • Socket Programming
    • Working with Internet Address
    • InetAdress Class
    • Sockets in Java
    • Port Numbers and URL’s
  • AWT & Swing
    • Component Hierarchy of AWT
    • Stand-alone Application using the AWT
    • Building Graphical User Interface
    • AWT Components
    • Layout Managers
    • Creating Swing Applet and Application
    • Programming using Panes
  • Working with JDBC
    • Java Database Connectivity
    • JDBC Architecture
    • JDBC API
  • Project
Duration: 30 days

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