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PHP is an acronym for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor". It is an open-source scripting language that is widely used for web development. PHP codes can be embedded into the HTML and it also runs on most of the well-known operating systems like Linux, Windows, UNIX, and Mac OS. CAD DESK delivers the best and quality online training course which provides deep learning of PHP and also helps in exploring topics like designing classes & objects, debugging PHP applications, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and more.

PHP is compatible with most of the servers including Apache and IIS. PHP comes up with many secured features such as encrypted data, user-access control, etc. It is freely available and is a server-side scripting language which means that it can be executed on the server easily. CAD DESK encourages the students to do Internships and helps them to work on the projects related to their software learnings. Every training is provided on the latest version of PHP.

Besides, CAD DESK provides free access to recorded video tutorials and login access to the students on their dashboard. In addition, students can visit any of our Franchise centers in India for offline revision facility even after their course completed. CAD DESK certificate enhances competitive edge and provides industry recognition to the students, which brings growth to their career path.

Topics include

  • HTML
    • Introduction to HTML
    • HTML Tags
    • Creating Forms
    • Creating Tables
    • Managing Home Page
  • CSS
    • Introduction to CSS
    • Types of CSS
    • CSS Properties
    • Working with Templates
  • JavaScript
    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Different ways to use JavaScript
    • Working with Events
    • Form Validations
  • Jquery Effects
    • Hide| Show | Toggle effects
    • Fade Effects
    • Animate
    • Slide
    • Callback
    • Stop
    • Chaining
  • Bootstrap
    • Design web pages using Bootstrap classes
  • Introduction to PHP
    • Intro and Installation
    • PHP Syntax
    • PHP Variables
    • Data Types and Strings
    • PHP Constants and Operators
  • Handling HTML Form with PHP
    • PHP Form Validation
    • PHP Form Handling
    • PHP Form Required
    • PHP Form URL|E-Mail
    • PHP Form Complete
  • Decisions and Loops
    • Decisions Making and Conditional Constructs using if/else and switch cases
    • Looping using for, while and do-while
  • Functions
    • Define a functions
    • Working with Parameterized functions
    • Call by value and Call by reference
    • Recursive function
  • Strings
    • Creating and Accessing Strings
    • String Formatting
    • String Related Library functions
  • Arrays
    • Working with Arrays
    • Index-based and Associative Array
    • Array with Foreach Loop
  • File Handling
    • Basic Concepts of File and Directory
    • Copying, Rename and Delete file
    • Working with Directories
    • File uploading and Downloading
  • State Management
    • Session State
    • Cookies
    • Query String
  • Database Connectivity with MYSQL
    • Introduction to RDBMS
    • Use of MYSQL functions in PHP to connect with database
    • Performing basic database operations(DML)
    • Joins and Subqueries to connect with database
  • Authentication
    • Authentication using class
    • Authentication using File
  • Basic Concept of OOPS
    • Classes and Objects
    • Abstraction and Encapsulation
    • Polymorphism and Inheritance
  • Project
Duration: 30 days

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CAD DESK is a pioneer in CAD/CAM/CAE training and most of the industries give great recognition to its certificate throughout India and abroad. CAD DESK Certificates are ISO verified which makes it highly reputed comparing to the other local brands and helps the student get prioritize while going for job opportunities in the industry. CAD DESK Online Software Training is conducted by highly knowledgeable trainers which helps students to enhance their skill set by putting great emphasizes on project-based learning. After the successful completion of the course, students can get their certificates by logging to their dashboard, which makes the certificates completely secure and authorized.


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