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POSTED: 20/04/2019
Civil Architecture

Please contact tech.support@caddeskindia.com / Mobile: +91-8058080546 (Faizal Abidi) for further details.

Kindly keep mail subject as COTP / quote "Online Training" for all communications.

Please note that this training is of 6 hrs only, and will be done on 18/05/2019, 20/05/2019 and 21/05/2019.

Session will be not done on 19/05/2019 due to Sunday Holiday

Syllabus for Subject Training

Staad Pro

  • Interface of Staad pro.

  • Geometry creation method

  • Property, Support and load assignment Method

  • S.F.D & B.M.D.

  • Building load calculation

  • Load combination and Staad editor

  • R.C.C. DESIGN And Detailing

  • Wind design

  • Seismic design

  • Steel design


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